Nutritionist Aritra Khan (Guest Faculty for Msc DFSM) ,Clinical Nutrition , KPC Medical College and Hospital, Consultant Dietitian/ Diabetes Educator/Cardiology & Heart Failure patient Counselor/Gut Health Educator(Gastro & Liver )/ Renal ( Kidney) Nutrition Expert/ Weight M. Consultant

Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition | Clinical Nutritionist and Diabetes and Heart failure patient Educator | Specialist in Bariatric, Cardiology and Renal (Kidney ) Nutrition | Specialist in Weight Management Nutrition Consultant and Sports Nutritionist | Specialist in Child Care Nutrition | Special interest in Nutrigenomics | Gut health Educator ( Gastro and Liver Nutrition specialist) | Nutritionist in Kolkata | Dietician in Kolkata

Aritra Khan

Dietician Aritra Khan practices more than 10 years in this field of Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition. He started his career as a Trainee Dietitian under Dr Ranjini Dutta at KPC Medical College and Hospital and He was a Research Associate of HOPE project under Dr T. Chowdhury in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital.

He has done the specialization in Bariatric Nutrition under Dr Sarfaraz J Baig .
He was in New Delhi quite a long time as a Dietitian Lead of North India for a MNC pharmaceutical house.

Currently He is working as a Senior Nutritionist and Heart failure patient Counselor for a MNC pharmaceutical house and also as a Mentor and Faculty of Cardiology Therapeutic Nutrition.

He has done his post graduation in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics studies and internship and was working as a Dietitian in KPC Medical College and Hospital. Now he is the guest Faculty of this Same college . He is quite a popular face of Electronic media and Columnist of Print Media.

How May I Help You?

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Clinical Nutritionist

Customized Calorie Calculated Diet Chart Prescription , all the disease specific balanced diet charts


Diabetes Nutrition Specialist

Diabetes patients specific calorie calculated Balanceed Diet chart and Diabetes Education.


Heart Failure Patient Counselor

Heart failure , Cholesterol and Cardiology related all disease specific calorie calculated Diet prescription and Education.


Gut Health Educator

Gastro and Liver problem related calorie calculated Diet prescription .


Renal ( Kidney ) Nutrition Expert

Kidney diseases Diet Chart Prescription and Education.


Weight Management Consultant

Weight gain and Weight loss and Balanced Diet chart prescription.

My Happy Clients!

Dr. Aritra khan is very very good dietician. How has given me a diet plan… It s very helpful and working very well on me. I had the pleasure of meeting Aritra khan this summer.. I tried many different ways to lose weight &have always failed… With Dr. Khan diet plan I learned how to understand the food eat and how my body works this food. Thanks you sir for helping me find this wonderful path I feel so good about reaching my goal

Bindu Grewal

Best nutrition doctor I have ever seen. Very experience and helpful

Haider Ali

Dr aritra khan is the best in his field,his diet is so good within a month i became from fat to fit and his diet didn’t hurt as it has lots of food and mother was happy as i m eating only home made food.within 20 days i lost around 10.5 kgs with home made i m athelete Dr Aritra noted and gave perfect diet plan.. I would refer if any sports person bodybuilder want to do something with their diet please visit dr aritra u wont need any extra outside food… He is a nice human being also ..he will detail every small thing about food and your body..

yashraj shukla

My father is a heart patient for the last 10 years. Mr. Aritra Khan suggested some diet plan for him which he is now following. We have watched significant changes in his health. I would suggest people of all ages who want to have a good health should follow a diet plan and the best person to go to is Nutritionist Aritra Khan.

Indranil Roy Chowdhury

Our full family of 5 persons including 75 years old eldest and 2 years old youngest have consulted Aritra Khan for dietary guidance. His advises are practical and easy to follow. Result is very good. All the best for his future.

Santisri Roy

Aritra Khan is a very good human being. He is a very good nutritionist. Aritra is very caring about his patients & he is a good advisor of diabetic patients also.

Gopa Chakrovorty

I have consulted with a Dietation Dr.Aritra Khan.I have already got enough improvement physically and in my entire system.I have already improved better physical shape than before and my entire system is working very fruitfully now.

Piyali Bakshi

He is very good nutritionist, and helpful.

Debasish Paul

Best Nututritionist/ Diabetes educator ,good personality and well behaved.

MANAS KUMAR Mukhopadhyay

I met Dr. Aritra Khan for my obesity problem and it was one of my best decission. A very detailed and good explanation about the treatment. He is very good and listen to all your queries very patiently and explains detailed daily diet. Best Nutritionist in town.


I came to know about Dr. Khan from my husband who is also a medical practitioner. I was actually looking for a nutrition expert who would deal specifically with the concerned problem. For me it was my mother’s CKD problem. Thus, I contacted him. Apart from being a good professional he is an amazing human being. He gave me a patient hearing and personally talked to me and guided me with details about my mother’s problem and explained to me why is he suggesting a particular diet. My mother has just started following his diet. I am sure it would work. I also wish this wonderful man a great luck ahead to continue with this humanitarian initiative. Thanks doctor.

Sreoshi Sinha

He is one of the really hard working dietician I have known. Highly recommended.

Ritusree Basu

I took my mom and dad to Dr.Aritra Khan for diet consultation. They are both above 60+ of ages and due to age factor and multiple on going medication they were having problems related to proper nutrition . So I took them both to Doc and made an appointment over the phone with Mr. Akshay (doc secretary) he is truly professional and a nice person. He guided me how and when to meet up doc through following sms and call before the appointment dates. Dr.Aritra took one to one care and listened the entire history of my parents and with his great knowledge he made up a very simple chart for both of my parents . All normal daily diet that my parents usually takes to maintain the nutrition . Doc calculated how much calories and protein should be intake and what should be avoided and my parents exactly tried to keep up the exact proportion and they followed the entire dietary chart till today and now they too much satisfy with the result they are getting . Doc is so much polite and his bright smile makes half of his patients to start up a conversation with a positive note. I will personally recommend Dr.Aritra Khan for any kind dietary plan or nutrition guidance .

Abhirup Bose

Well explanation of diet he provided. At the same time he is a well listener too and provide flexible diet..

Sreetama Dutta Majumder

Mr.Aritra Khan is an excellent Nutritionist ever I seen. So pleasant personality and well behaved .I have reduced 20 kgs In 4 months without any medicine only follow his prescribed diet chart without any complication.

Mimi Mukhopadhyay

Mr Aritra Khan is a Nutritionist par excellence. The diet charts prescribed by him are simple, effective, and immensely beneficial for sustained health and happiness. He is amiable, a very patient listener and easily accessible. His knowledge of nutrition is profound. His experience invaluable and his approach most dynamic and helpful.

Ashok Keshari

I have been struggling to cut down a few pounds off me, which has always been a challenge. I went to several dietitians, before I landed at his chamber. All my previous experiences left me bitter and losing weight was a struggle. Fortunately, Mr Khan, is different from the whole lot. He is a patient listener, knowledgeable, and knows his job well. Thankfully, he doesn’t chart out a diet which is complicated or difficult to follow. His method is very customized and in no time, you can see how effectively his diet chart works. I have benefitted a lot from his recommendations and I look forward to continue in future too. I have personally recommended him to my colleagues and friends and they are very satisfied with his way of working. Not only that my 16 year old son and my 75 years old father too were highly pleased about the effectiveness of his diet plan. I highly regarded him and wish many more people, irrespective of age to benefit from him. If you are looking for someone genuine, he is right there for you!!

Moni Das


I would like to thank nutritionist Aritra Khan for understanding my daily routine and eating habits. The customized diet chart is something which I could easily adopt in my lifestyle. The best part is that he would never make you starve to lose weight. He is a perfect example of a true professionalist yet approachable consultant. I wish him the best.

Taniya Roy

Extremely effective nutrition advice which can be followed without much pain. Detailed diet charts issued according to age and other health issues. Cordiality is appreciated and propensity to answer questions at all hours is commendable.

Baisakhi Banerjee


I am his client since 2014 and I must say Dr. Aritra Khan is an excellent nutritionist. His prescriptions are very balanced yet detailed and a customised one, after a thorough analysis of the client’s health and lifestyle. He provides a diet chart that is quite simple to follow without much need to change ones food preferences. A very patient listener and has a very caring and polite attitude towards his clients. Needless to say I have always got excellent results whenever I followed his prescriptions. Also his diet chart helped me lose 20 kgs post pregnancy.

Swati Banerjee

I have had the pleasure of encountering with Sir after I saw 5star reviews on the google as one of the top nutritional doctors and I must say I did not make a wrong decesion. Sir is so nice..He is one of the nicest persons I have seen till now. A nutritionist is always a counselor boosting people’s immunity and helping the person to lead a normal life through healthy food habits. He has advised me a customized diet plan for my renal diet (problem ) keeping everything in mind viz calorie , the sodium, pottasium, phosphorous, urea and creatinine levels and also on the other hand I dont become weak…I am sure I will get out this problem with the help of Dr Khan and obtain a speedy recovery. Thank you sir for guiding me all the way through this problem.

Shouvik Sarkar

As i was suffering from multiple issue i could not find a proper way to deal with it. I was suggested Dr. Aritra by a very dear uncle of mine and this Doctor has been proven to be a saint in my life. not only i got rid of my issues but leading a healthy, positive and much more confident life. Its been almost 6years i am under Surveillance of Dr. Aritra, and he has been also kind enough to let me enjoy my cheat day in a healthy way. I would recommend Dr. Aritra to all those people who are starving for a nutritious shelter with moderate and fun dieting plans. His plans and follow ups not only make you more confident from outside but also makes you feel happy and healthy from inside. Please gift yourself a new you with the help of Dr. Aritra. 🙂 🙂

Leena Sultana